About Us

Logic Financial Advisers is an innovative pro-active advice business. We pride ourselves on being reputable, trustworthy and reliable. The founder, Sam Ponte with 10 years experience in financial planning and a leading adviser for 2 of the big 4 banks decided he would like to start a business where the everyday mum and dad can obtain advice in all areas of their financial affairs. He realises the importance of long term relationships with his clients is crucial to their success, that is why we work with our clients over long periods of time in order to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Through his experience he realized a lot of advisers would look for the “Already wealthy” clientel, where his forte came from not only looking after people with wealth but assisting people to make more of what they have and advise on how to maximize their wealth achieving both personal and financial goals within reasonable time frames.

Sam noticed that in order for his clients to become successful they need to have a strong foundation not only from the investment side but the protection, tax, superannuation and legislative perspective. Meaning a “holistic approach.”

Since the establishment of Logic Financial Advisers the company is split into various areas in order to provide not only Financial Planning but also Accounting, Estate planning, Lending and property investment services.

Logic Financial Advisers will look at all aspects of a person’s financial affairs to ensure their wealth accumulation journey is met but also their family, debts, assets and themselves are protected from the unknown.

Sam’s vision has created many happy , comfortable and successful advice clients with a transparent fee structure, simply explained plans and an ongoing service model/ relationship which give their clients a confident outlook into their financial future and ultimately peace of mind.