Advice Process

Step 1

Initial meeting

At our first meeting, we will spend most of our time learning about you. We will ask you questions about your life and take the time to understand what is important to you.
We will then discuss in detail your lifestyle goals, will the aim of determining the measurable financial aspects required to achieve them.
Finally, we will collect the required available financial information from you and outline the areas of advice that we will explore based on the information provided, as well as detailing the costs and timeframes for progressing to the next stage.
Remember, we cover the cost of your initial meeting, as we believe that this is our opportunity to show you the value that we can provide.

Step 2

Advice construction

When you choose to proceed with the advice process, we will begin constructing your personal, tailored advice document. This will detail in full our advice to you, and will provide all of the information required to implement your financial plan.

Step 3

Advice presentation

Upon completion of your personal advice document, we will arrange a meeting for a full presentation of the details of your plan. Your adviser will highlight the strategy options explored, a comprehensive breakdown of the costs, risks and benefits, your expected outcomes, and the steps to take for implementation of your plan.

Step 4


Once you are comfortable and ready to proceed with the advice presented to you, Logic Financial Advisers will work with you to ensure that your strategies are implemented and established correctly. The timeframe for this will vary depending on the complexity of your needs, however the team will be available through each step to keep you updated and informed.

Step 5


Finally, as your engaged financial adviser, we will conduct regular reviews to ensure that your strategies remain appropriate for you and to anticipate and manage changes in your life, changes in legislation, and explore potential opportunities or hurdles that may arise.
At each stage of the advice process, you will be invited to ask questions, give feedback and confirm that you are happy and comfortable with the advice and service we are providing.