Our Philosophy

“Change happens and that is for sure, success is achieved through adapting to our forever changing world and keeping our goals insight.”

Personal training

Feeling a bit spooked by newspaper headlines talking down the markets? It’s not surprising given that so many of us seem to go at it alone when it comes to our finances.

In fact, like the road to peak physical fitness, the path to wealth isn’t a quick one but rather a process requiring strong discipline and patience. And a personal trainer may be just what you need to get on the right track and keep you there!

A decade ago only movie stars and supermodels had personal trainers. Now they’re fairly common. We’ve stopped perceiving that a paid professional as a luxury and started seeing it as the best way to plot our path to fitness and keep us motivated to stay on track.

Having a financial adviser is much the same. Sure, we could all look after our own investment and insurance needs, but it’s hard to know the right path to choose, and how to keep at it when the going gets tough, without regular contact with a pro.

By taking some advice from the personal trainers of the investment world – financial planners – it’s possible to be optimistic that what you’re doing is the best path to achieving your goals.

The ‘A’ for adviser diet

Investing is kind of like a diet. Simple in theory but a little harder in practice.
The theory of good investing is to make sure your eggs are spread in many baskets; to make sure you reduce your risk of volatility and to keep costs and taxes to a minimum. But like dieting, the hardest part is that you, the investor, can sometimes be your own worst enemy!

The secret to becoming a clever and successful investor is to increase your self-control. And professional help can be of most benefit in maintaining this self control.

When it comes to dieting, it’s easy to get tired of cutting carbs or downing liver cleansers and the next hot trend can look like the easiest and fastest way to achieving your weight loss goals, Investing is the same.

Markets go up and down and it can be concerning to see your friends and peers succeeding by investing in places you haven’t. The problem is that picking a market cycle and knowing when to sell out of and buy into investments is incredibly difficult, even for the smartest and most experienced people in the field.

Your adviser knows that it’s no good worrying about what everyone else is doing because the only way to achieve your goals is to follow the plan which was designed specifically for you. They also know that the best way to achieve wealth is not by chasing the latest hot asset class or investment product.

It’s far simpler than that. In fact, in many cases maximising wealth is as easy as staying put.

Ask the coach

If you’re still worried about your financial plan, or something in your situation has changed, don’t hesitate to call your coach for some one-on-one advice.

Your adviser is far better equipped than self-help books, newspaper reports and friendly conversations as their recommendations are tailored for you.

Like a champion athlete, the road to success means blocking out the noise around you and focusing on your own performance. And your adviser will always be right behind you helping you to achieve your personal best.