Our Financial Advice & Services

Our Fees

Our fees are fair and reasonable and will only be charged if we can add value to your situation.
Your adviser will disclose any fees or charges, before you commit to your financial plan.
Logic Financial Advisers is a fee-for-service business. This gives you confidence in the advice provided and certainty that any structure or product recommended is tailored to your needs and not to the commission paid from product providers.
Costs are as follows:

  1. LFA Start up fee – Includes Statement of Advice preparation and presentation.
  2. LFA Implementation fee– If you are happy with the advice that has been designed for you, it is now important that you work with your adviser to implement your financial plan and make it all come to life.
  3. LFA Ongoing advice fee – Includes full ongoing service program

Fees are calculated depending on complexity of your financial plan.