Personal protection


Insurance is perceived to be the product that we all pay into but never get anything back from it.

Insurance in reality is the structural reinforcements and foundation of your wealth creation plan or retirement plan. An adviser will assist you in starting the correct strategy tailored for you. You will then be on track to accumulating wealth and financial freedom at retirement. However, retirement for most of us is a long way away some 10,20 or even 30 years away, through out those years we go through many different life cycles: marriage, family home, mortgages, having children, supporting education costs and living, grandkids then comes retirement.

What a sound retirement plan will do for you is protect you from the unknown. Your financial plan will continue to grow and alter, your expenses and bills will continue to come in. What if your ability to earn an income stops suddenly? For 1,3,5,20 years?

A sound financial plan is one that is protected against our largest asset stopping suddenly: ‘Your ability to earn an Income.’
Our insurance brokers based in Essendon will explain to you the importance of your protection plan and tailor it to your needs to ensure your family and lifestyle goals are met whether you are working or not.
We will advise you on the most cost efficient way of paying for your premiums as some insurance policies can be held by your superannuation fund.

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