debtreliefThe largest debt most of us will have in our lives is the family home.
Your mortgage is a non-deductible debt meaning, “Bad debt.”

In saying this part of your financial plan will have a strategy to pay this bad debt off quicker, saving you thousands in interest payments. Logic Financial planners will look at your bad debt as a positive opportunity. Depending on ones situation we are able to recycle your bad debt into a good one, we call this a ‘deductible debt,’ allowing you to save on the tax you currently pay and allowing you to establish a growth plan for your future whilst you continue to pay off your home.

In many cases it’s necessary to restructure your mortgage and other debts in order to get in better financial shape.
A crucial aspect of debt is also ongoing reviews, the lending and debt world is forever changing and in order to maintain the best loan for our clients we will ensure this is also reviewed as part of your overall financial plan.
Our financial planners and lending specialists are experts in their field and have one objective in mind and that’s to ensure you that your debt product is tailored to you and to make sure you are not paying unnecessary interest and fees along the way.

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