Ongoing Service program


Circumstances are forever changing, whether its through life stages of getting married, buying your first home, having kids, changing jobs or legislative. There will always be changes.

Logic Financial Advisers have a simple philosophy about changes within our lives: “Change happens and that is for sure, success is achieved through adapting to our forever changing world and keeping our goals insight.”

The core success of your financial plan is the regular contact with your financial adviser.

Your Logic Financial Adviser will deliver and keep in close communication with you to ensure you remain on track, the program consists of the below services:

  1. Your designated financial adviser will meet with you formally on a annual basis to review your financial plan and ensure it continues to meet your initial objectives, a review Statement of Advice will be prepared.
  2. You will receive pro-active advice from your adviser keeping you up to date
  3. Inform you of any legislative changes that may impact your financial plan
  4. Expose your investment strategy to new investment vehicles released to the market place
  5. You will have access to your adviser Monday-Friday
  6. Quarterly and or Bi annual reporting on all holdings
  7. Quarterly LFA (Logic Financial Advisers) newsletters